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People are the heart of FFSD that is why our employees are our major stakeholders!

FFSD people need to be highly motivated, committed with a determination to succeed. They must also relish the challenge and opportunity of national and international assignments and feel comfortable in new cultural environments. 

FFSD welcomes talented individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds to work within the challenging world of laboratory services, forensic science services, Education, fraud and financial crime services. We recognise that the quality and commitment of our people are critical to the future success of our organisation.

FFSD policy is to provide an attractive career option for ambitious high performers which include rewarding work/challenges, national and international travel opportunities, performance based remuneration, career/personal development and promotion. 

A key focus for our Human Resources is to attract, retain and develop high potential employees at all levels in the organisation

Apply by sending your CV to: (please quote job reference number)

Job Vacancies

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